Hue wizard

Unleash the full power of your lights.


With Hue Wizard you can create or download 100% customized light animations/effects.

Light Animations

Create 100% customized light animations with ease. Use Hue Wizard to create light shows for music, light shows for events, atmospheric loops, and cool light effects.
  • Frame-by-frame light animations
  • Up to 60 minutes in length
  • Precision down to milliseconds
  • Light transitions from 0 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Create loops inside animations
  • Light actions available:
    • Color change
    • Brightness change
    • Light off/on
    • Blink - same color
    • Blink - new color
    • Loops

Wizard Panel

Add your own light animations or downloaded light animations to the Wizard Panel. Start and stop the animations/light effects with one tap and have several light animations running at the same time. Animations/actions are added to the panel as tapable icons, like App icons.
  • Add self-created or downloaded light animations/effects to the panel
  • Define if they should play only once, more than once, or loop until stopped
  • Add single-light actions to the panel
  • Choose the type, color, and position of each app icon

Download Animations

Download animations and light effects created by other users and the Hue Wizard team. The animations are easily set up for your own light system and we manually test all uploaded light animations in order to ensure a high quality.

Rate the light animations you download and/or comment on them to help other users find the best animations or to help the uploader improve the animation.

Upload Animations

If you feel like sharing your awesome light animations, these are easily uploaded to our database. We manually test all uploaded light animations and they are approved within only a few days.

Follow your uploaded animation: See the number of user downloads, what ratings users are giving, and read user comments.
Edit and replace your uploaded animation at any time. This feature can also be used to transfer an animation from your device to another.
Once you have installed the application, all features are included, there will be no in-app purchases at any time.


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